The Dominican Biblical Institute will cease from September 2015.

Sept 03, 2015

In the past fifteen years the Dominican Biblical Institute, with its associated activities, has been a resource for the people of the Mid-West. It has encouraged the study of the Bible in the region. This has principally been made possible by the financial contributions of the Irish Dominican Province.

We thank all who have helped in this venture.  It has been a grace to reflect together on God’s Word.  We hope that those who have been part of the life of the DBI in so many different ways, will bring the fruits of their study and research to the service of God and his church.

The DBI grew as a Christian community. We thank one another, but most of all we thank God. We are grateful for the contributions of tutors, board members and academic council members.  In the early years of the DBI there were many committees, dealing with planning, building, finance, and other matters. People volunteered their vision, skills and time generously. Many worked in the background, making sure that the study space was adapted appropriately as the needs of the DBI changed, and helping out whenever a problem arose. Because of them, things took place as planned.  People often commented that even on the wettest of winter evenings, they were warmly greeted as they arrived and as they left.

Volunteers made sure the library was catalogued and accessible.  It has now been redistributed to other Dominican centres of study in Ireland, and we are working to maintain its catalogue so that no work will be wasted.

Lectio Divina is increasingly a part of the life of the Church in the Mid-West.  We ask God to bless those who lead and practice it.

Rath De oraibh go leir.

Brendan Clifford op

Gerard Norton op