The second photograph shows him with Fr Brendan Clifford, and with researcher Etan Blass from the USA who happened to be studying in the DBI on the evening when Fr Bruno called to see the building and the library.

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As July begins we have a moment to reflect on the year that has passed and to look forward to the year to come, which will be the last year of the Dominican Biblical Institute as a formal entity, and of the associated Diploma in Biblical and Theological Studies validated by Maynooth.

Many activities hitherto clustered around the DBI will thrive in the new arrangement that will begin already in autumn 2014, please God.  It is too early to describe the details, but soon Brendan and the Dominican Community of Limerick, together with others who have been involved in planning will give an indication of what is envisaged.

As the DBI comes to an end, we all hope that the new initiatives will be widely supported as they try to respond to the needs of the Mid-West.  Current students may find a useful way to develop their interests, former students may keep studies alive, and people who have not yet discovered what is on offer at the DBI may find a point of insertion into the wonders of biblical and pastoral studies.

Please consult the DBI website for details on these new developments, as well as the publication of the courses etc. for 2014-5.  Details will also be distributed to our various mailing lists.