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  • advent talks

    Preparing a way together

    The Contribution of the Catholic Church in Ireland Today

    Rev. Professor Michael Hayes, President of Mary Immaculate College, Limerick.

    Professor Hayes is an internationally respected scholar in the field of Pastoral Theology; he is particularly interested in the relationship between faith and practice.

    Tuesday 26 November

    The Contribution of the Church of Ireland in Ireland Today

    Bishop Trevor Williams, Bishop of Limerick, Killaloe and Ardfert.

    Prior to being elected Bishop in 2008 he was Rector of Ballysillan and Ardoyne on North Belfast's Peace line. In 1993 Trevor was elected leader of Corrymeela, an ecumenical community committed to reconciliation in Northern Ireland (1993-2003). He continues to be involved in the work of reconciliation, inter-church and inter-faith relations, community development and communications.
    Tuesday 3 December

    The Contribution of the Muslim Community in Ireland Today

    Dr Chris Hewer has been a student of Islam and worked in the field of Christian-Muslim relations for twenty years. From 1999-2005 he was the Adviser on Inter-Faith Relations to the Anglican Bishop of Birmingham.
    Tuesday 10 December

    The Contribution of the Jews: Jewish faith and Christian.

    Sr. Jo O’Donovan RSM was on the staff of Mary Immaculate College, Limerick, from 1966-2002. She worked with RE staff to establish the BA in Theology and Religious Studies and was director of that programme from 1991-1999, and lecturer in theology until her retirement in 2002. Sr. Jo’s recent book, Understanding Differently, considers Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism, and Christianity’s relationship and dialogue with them.

    Tuesday 17 December

    Time: 7.30 PM. Admission is free; donations are invited.

BIBLEon Wikipedia

The Bible (from Greek τὰ βιβλία ta biblia "the books") is a collection of sacred scripture of Judaism and Christianity.


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Biblical Research Tools...

The following internet links are very useful. Each of them opens a world of other links.  More and more, use of such resources is a part of normal essay writing, and with a little practice you will enjoy the slightly different challenges. Apart from the resources available online, students should check if the printed resources indicated on these websites are available in our library:

For more about the Irish Dominican , see the following websites:
together with

The site for the Dominican friars worldwide is at:

http://www.tarsus.ie/This is organised by Kieran O Mahony OSA, whom many students will remember from his most enjoyable courses here last year

http://www.ntgateway.com/ Dr Mark Goodacre, an English academic now working in Duke University, USA has put together this amazing resource.  Without leaving your desk you can have access to a great deal of material suitable for your New Testament essays.  Mark wrote his doctoral thesis under Michael Goulder of Birmingham, and his own particular approach to the synoptic problem should be studied with care.

http://www.ntgateway.com/bible-translations/Useful access to all things biblical.  Accessed from the NTgateway site.  Not much Catholic influence to be seen, but the content is good and informative.

http://www.otgateway.com/ An Australian counterpart that alludes to Mark Goodacres NTgateway for students studying the Old Testament.  It is not as well known, nor as strictly academic as NTgateway, but has some good material if used critically.

The Catechism of the Catholic Church is at http://www.vatican.va/archive/ENG0015/_INDEX.HTM.
If that seems like a lot of letters to type, then just copy them as a block and paste them into the “google” box

Remember:  if you are quoting / referring to material from the internet in your essay, you must give the URL (webpage address that appears at the top of the screen) and the date and time when you accessed the material.  This is necessary because although the internet can change frequently, it also archives material.
Remember too that it is very easy to wander out into high seas when you are surfing the net, and even if you started from a website that was in a particular (e.g. Catholic) tradition you should keep an eye on the source for each site in so far as you can make it out.

The Munster region offers a variety of opportunities for adult learners to work toward either a certificate or an undergraduate degree in theology.  Most of these programmes offer classes on weekends and evenings, and one (the Priory Institute) offers degrees via online study  Information about these programmes can be found be clicking on the following links.

Department of Theology and Religious Studies, Mary Immaculate College
St. Patrick’s College, Thurles
The Priory Institute
Non-Credit Adult Education Programmes

Community members who live too far away to attend programmes at the Institute might be interested in the following parish-based non-credit programmes for adult leaners.

Eigse an Aonaigh Certificate in Pastoral Ministry (Nenagh)
Creidim Adult Education Programme, St. Keiran’s College (Kilkenny)