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  • Those who walked by our side

    May 2014

    Can you think of someone who walked by your side and helped you greatly by doing that? You may be surprised at who comes to mind. You may remember someone from your childhood: your mother or your father or a grandparent, or an older sister or brother. Or you may remember a friend from your youth who was always there for you. If you are married, you may think of your spouse. I am often touched when I see an elderly couple walking slowly along together, arms linked for support. After years of experience of good times and of bad, they are still there at each other’s side.

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The Bible (from Greek τὰ βιβλία ta biblia "the books") is a collection of sacred scripture of Judaism and Christianity.


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  • Deuteronomistic History – Samuel and Kings, taught by Jessie Rogers.
    Essay Questions

    1.       Write a review of: Brueggemann,  W.  David’s Truth in Israel’s Imagination and Memory (2nd Ed, Minneapolis: Fortress 2002).

    2.       How does the Deuteronomistic historian evaluate Solomon’s reign?

    3.       Describe and explain the prominent place given to Josiah in the books of Kings.


  • Student Assessment: the Writing of Essays

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